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Dear Mothers of Tweens, Age 9-12,

Man, this stage is hard, isn't it?  For me, It's just starting.  I'm starting to hear the stomp of feet up the stairs, the sighs...the eye rolls.  My little girl is slowing becoming less little and more.. Mature?  (at least she thinks so!)   We're paying more attention to appearance and clothing.. and unfortunately, the opinions of others.  I remember my preteen days, and I know that I am not prepared to be the mother of a middle school girl.  I remember vividly the heartache of a roller coaster friendship as kids try to figure out who they are and who they want to be.  When talking to a boy started to mean something different and all of the crazy emotions that went with that.  You remember it too, don't you? The longer looks in the mirror, wondering if you fit in, if you are beautiful.. what 'they' would think or say.  Those insecurity and self esteem dips were awful!  


Stop for a minute and image the impact of being able to help your daughter see TODAY that who she is... is perfect!

The Be.Tween Portrait Project was created to empower young girls in a season of life where they often feel vulnerable, insecure, and unseen.  These are the un-photographed ages between 'oh so cute toddler' and 'my baby is leaving for college.'  The stages when we need the most reassurance that we are beautiful and enough.

Together, we will identify a few words that best describe who she is and what makes her perfect.  We will use these traits to capture your daughter in a series of honest, real, fine art portraits, highlighting her true beauty.  all while giving her a tangible and visual reminder of all she has to offer this world.. her authentic self.

She is more than beautiful.  She is more than enough.  I know you already see it in her - NOW is your opportunity to help her see it in herself.  

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